1.    What can I expect from my first appointment?

Our first appointment is a 45-50 minute consultation during which we will discuss your goals for therapy, discuss your history and current situation, and develop a plan to address your concerns.  If I believe you would benefit from other services, or additional services, I will do my best to provide you with referrals so that you may find the provider or providers you need.  

2.    How long is a typical course of therapy?

This varies greatly from person to person, and is largely determined by the extent of the difficulties you are experiencing as well as your goals for therapy.  In my experience, 6-9 months is an average minimum duration.

3.    Is my information confidential?

The information you provide on written forms and in verbal discussion in therapy are considered Protected Health Information (PHI) and are thus protected by state and federal law.  I am not permitted to disclose any of your PHI, which includes your status as my client, without your written consent. 

According to California State Law, the only situations in which I may be required to disclose your PHI are in the event of an emergency involving potential danger to yourself or others, and in situations involving potential child or elder abuse or neglect.

4.    Do you take my insurance?

I do not accept insurance but I can provide a super bill that can be submitted to an insurance company for reimbursement.  If you have questions about your insurance plan’s reimbursement rates, you should contact them and make an inquiry.

5.  What are your fees?

I have a set fee based on my years of practice, credentials, and community standards.  I reserve a limited number of reduced fee slots for individuals who are currently students or have financial hardship.